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Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin pie

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First we peel the pumpkin, it is grated and it is cooked together with the sugar and the butter, leaving it on the fire until it drops, but it does not have to be peeled, but only softened. Leave to cool. Cinnamon is added.

To prepare the sheets, proceed as follows: put the flour in a bowl, add salt, then the oil and start incorporating the flour. Add warm water until you get a not very hard dough and beat until it starts to come off the bowl. The more we beat it, the more elastic it will become and the better the sheets will stretch. Cover the pot and leave the crust for 30 minutes near a heat source.

Out of this composite come 8 sheets.

We spread each one as thin as possible and leave them to dry, covered.

Grease the tray with oil and put the first sheet that we grease with oil.

Put the second sheet on top and grease with oil.

After placing 4 sheets, sprinkle a little breadcrumbs or semolina and pour the pumpkin mixture.

Follow the other 4 sheets, placed according to the same procedure. Cut the pie raw before putting it in the oven.

Bake for 40-50 minutes, until golden brown, allow to cool and cut.

Optionally, it can be powdered with fine sugar.


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