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Sweet bread

Sweet bread

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In 250 ml of boiling milk put flour until it comes out like a thicker porridge, mixing well so that it does not come out lumpy, then after it becomes warm, enough to tolerate the finger, add the yeast mixed with 2 lg of sugar, mix the mayonnaise and put a towel to let it grow until it forms bubbles.

Sift the flour in a bowl, put the mayonnaise in a corner of the bowl, put the yolks rubbed with salt and 100 g of sugar, the rest of the sugar dissolves in the warm milk, cream, lard, oil and spices. Knead very well and let rise.

Ground walnuts (1 cup / cake) mix with 2-3 lbs of cocoa, beaten egg whites and sugar (according to everyone's taste), vanilla, rum, 1/2 baking powder quenched with lemon. If the filling is too thick add a little warm milk. It doesn't have to be very soft to keep it from flowing.

We cut the shit into suitable cubes

The dough is divided into 3, and each part into 2.

We take each piece and stretch it enough to end up with a roll a little bigger than the tray, because after weaving the 2 rolls, the length will decrease.

Put the filling, place the shit and roll very well and tightly so as not to form air bubbles, then weave the 2 rolls, taking care at the ends to glue them well so they do not fall apart and place it in the tray, leaving it to rise until it reaches almost at the height of the tray.

If we skip this, they may crack in the oven.

And after they have grown enough, we grease them with an egg and sprinkle sugar on top, or anything else according to your preferences. Leave it for 30 'on the right heat, then a little bigger until the toothpick passes (about 60' in total; it depends on everyone's oven).

Video: Vatrushki, Russian sweet bread, filled with farmer cheese tvorog. Recipe from my childhood. (June 2022).


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