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Bean and corn salad

Bean and corn salad

the beans and corn are passed under a stream of cold water

salad, cucumber, radish, leurda wash and cut

the onion is cleaned and cut

mix all and season with salt, oil and vinegar to taste

Fasting salad with beans, corn and garlic

Because there is another week of fasting, I propose a salad with green and yellow beans (from the freezer), corn kernels and garlic. Simple and consistent, a kind of fast food between main meals.


100 grams of canned corn

a tablespoon of lemon juice

4 tablespoons olive oil

Method of preparation:

1. Cook the beans in boiling salted water for 4-5 minutes. Then put it in a bowl with cold ice water, also for a few minutes. This operation is valid only for those who froze the beans without scalding it. If you take it from the store ready frozen, there is no need for this operation.

2. Place beans on a plate, pour over the corn kernels and chop the garlic cloves.

3. Make a dressing of lemon juice and oil and pour it over the vegetables on the plate over which you have already sprinkled salt and pepper.


Step 1

Salad with shrimp, avocado and beans

In a bowl add red onions and green onions, chopped, season with salt and pepper, add excess oil, lemon juice & frac12 and mix. Then, after draining the red beans from the cans, add it to the salad bowl. Then add the corn, diced avocado and parsley.

To finish the salad, prepare the shrimp.

In a pan, add olive oil and finely chopped garlic cloves. Leave it on the fire for a while, then add the finely chopped hot pepper and mix it, mix and then add the shrimp. Season with pepper, leave on the heat, stirring constantly, and then remove from the heat and add to the salad bowl and serve.

Method of preparation

Leurda salad with red beans and corn

Wash the leurda leaves well, drain them, put them in a bowl, add the beans

Forest salad (butter) with beans, corn, egg and radish

Break the stalks of the plant, wash the leaves well. In a bowl, mix the lettuce leaves with 1 egg

Similar recipes:

Bean and potato salad with apples

Bean and potato salad with apples, prepared with egg and onion slices and dressing of oil, vinegar and tarragon

Black bean salad with avocado

A very colorful salad accompanied by a quick dressing prepared with avocado and lime.

Dried white bean salad

Dried white bean salad with sliced ​​tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil

Salad recipe with chicken, corn and beans

I've been asking about recipes lately, so I thought I'd go back to our blog post & # 8211 at some point I felt like they were so simple that everyone knows them, so that I stopped. It seems that this simplicity is their advantage :).

Salad with chicken, corn and beans it's one of my favorite recipes, it's not 100% summer, because I use beans and corn from the jar (to make things simpler). It's not very healthy, especially in the jar version, but it's simple and I don't do it too often.

Salad with chicken, corn and beans

Ingredients for chicken salad, corn kernels and beans

Here you have ingredients for about 3 servings (we ate at a table with another salad, oriental & # 8211 of which we had more, this salad being a kind of left-overs, and another as a unique dish):

  • about 300-350 grams of pre-cooked and finely chopped chicken (I had a breast, I didn't weigh it),
  • a jar of beans (I had a mixed one, with beans in 3 colors + chickpeas) or a cup of boiled beans,
  • a jar of corn (I always buy of it, which says it is not genetically modified, now & # 8230),
  • the leaves of a medium salad,
  • an onion (it's optional, I like the red one),
  • oil, lemon juice or vinegar, salt and pepper

How I prepare the salad

Here things are as simple as can be and it depends a lot on your preferences, but if I still took pictures, I say I'll show them to you.

So, I chopped the chicken first, washed the beans and corn (in the version in which I boiled them, I would have prepared them the day before, to have time to cool), I put them in the salad bowl:

Beans, corn and chicken pieces

I then added the onion, which I had previously cut into juliennes and kneaded with salt and a little vinegar. I also added salt and pepper (sometimes I add half a hot pepper, I think it goes with this combination):

Add salt, pepper, onion & # 8230

It's almost ready. We mix!

& # 8230 and we prepared the lettuce on the plate where we were going to eat. I break it every time, it seems to keep its properties better if we don't use a knife:


I then put the salad I prepared over the lettuce and that was it. Good appetite!

Chicken salad with corn and beans

Recipe costs

Let's talk about the financial part a bit, although I don't know exactly how to appreciate, having a chicken that I gave 12 lei, from which I used the breast, boiled in the green bean soup that I prepared (I have the thighs prepared on them on my cast iron skillet with grilled vegetable salad next to it).

I will put 7 lei for the chest, I think it's okay, it probably should have been even less. If we took it separately, it would definitely cost more.

  • 7 lei chicken breast
  • 2.5 lei for corn
  • 3.5 lei beans
  • 0.5 lei onion
  • 2 lei salad
  • 0.5 lei spices

Total: 16 lei, pretty much everything up. Which does not make it the cheapest tooth recipes (for us they meant 3 servings, about 5.5 lei / serving, there could be two, but certainly taken ready prepared would have cost much more.

Red bean salad & # 8220Ardor & # 8221 & # 8211 incredibly tasty and nutritious.

Red bean salad is a delicious snack, full of flavor and color. The walnuts combine excellently with the other ingredients, and the pickled cucumbers give it a sour note. Garlic and parsley perfectly complement the salad, giving it an aromatic and slightly spicy taste. Red bean salad is very nutritious and healthy and can be served anytime, not just on fasting days. If desired, you can replace some ingredients with your favorite ones, so that you get a salad to everyone's taste. Enjoy it with your loved ones!


& # 8211 4 pickled cucumbers (small)

& # 8211 350 g canned corn (1 can)

& # 8211 350 g red beans (preferably large grains)

& # 8211 olive oil to taste

& # 8211 salt and black pepper (optional)

Method of preparation

1. Dry the walnuts in the oven at 80-90 degrees (stir periodically) to make them crispy.

2. Wash the bell peppers, clean them of seeds and cut them into thin strips (the thinner they are, the tastier the salad will be). Put them in a deep bowl.

3. Cut the pickled cucumbers into thin strips. It is desirable that the cucumbers be dense, without gaps, so the salad will be more beautiful.

4. Crush the garlic with the knife blade. Crush it and add it to the bowl.

5. Choose dried walnuts so that they are not pieces of shell and cut them into large pieces. If desired, you can peel the walnuts in brown shell, because it has a bitter taste.

6. Drain the liquid from the corn and place the beans in the bowl.

7. Put the red beans in a sieve and wash it with cold water, add it to the bowl (you can use white beans).

8. Rinse the greens with water a few times, shake, chop finely and add to the other ingredients.

9. Season the salad with olive oil. If desired, you can add salt and a little black pepper or red pepper, mix carefully.

10. You can juggle the ingredients.

11. If you exclude marinated walnuts and cucumbers, then you can add marinated mushrooms and vinegar sauce, mustard and olive oil. In this case you need to cut the bell pepper into cubes.

12. To get a more nutritious meal, you can complete the salad with boiled or baked chicken fillets.

13. You can season this salad with a little mayonnaise or mustard sauce. You can also add to the salad and hard cheese given through a small grater.

14. For fasting salad is suitable beans in tomato juice (you can preserve such beans at home). It is desirable to add the juice in other dishes or in a salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and green onions.

15. Walnuts improve mental activity, so this food is considered not only nutritious but also healthy. This salad will please everyone and will give you energy and good mood for the whole day.

Watch the preparation in more detail in the video below.

Our team wishes you good luck with your loved ones!

2. Tuna Salad with Beans Recipe

• 200 g of tuna
• 400 g of pitted black olives
• a red onion
• 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
• salt, pepper to taste
• parsley or dill

Put the beans to soak in cold water overnight, then boil for about an hour, if you do not use canned beans. Drain well and refrigerate in the salad bowl. Add over drained oil, then chopped olives, onions and parsley as desired. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, mix well with olive oil and serve on toast.

Italian Salad with Red Beans and Corn

Recipe of Italian salad it can be prepared in any season because we can find any kind of vegetables and fruits at the supermarket, regardless of whether it is their season or not. Salads inspired by Italian cuisine are salads full of vitamins prepared from low-calorie ingredients, healthy and very easy to prepare.

I prepared Italian salad from a combination of different types of lettuce, spinach and arugula, to which we added cherry tomatoes, boiled corn (canned), boiled red beans and a boiled egg. There are no rules about proportions, it is enough to have imagination.

In order to save time and effort, we can buy ready-to-wash salad bags from the supermarket.

For the Italian salad recipe I used a dressing made of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, fresh basil, salt and freshly ground pepper.

The secret to a really fresh and tender Italian salad is to dry the leaves. We wash them well, put them in a strainer to drain the water and then dry them with kitchen paper. I prefer to dry the salad in a spinner: it is a plastic strainer, which rotates by hand in a large bowl, shaking the water from the leaves.

It is good to break the lettuce leaves by hand, into larger pieces, so the salad will have volume and a beautiful appearance. If we still want to cut the salad with a knife, it must be very sharp so as not to crush the leaves and they lose their taste and vitamins.

Washing and drying the salad a centrifuge is very helpful. Chop it and transfer it to a large bowl. Add red beans, spelled, olives and sliced ​​onions.

*As mentioned above, you can replace spelled with whatever wax is to your liking. You can opt for brown rice, millet, buckwheat, wheat, amaranth, quinoa, kamut, barley. There is a great variety to choose from, any of them goes perfectly in this salad.

Make a dressing of salt, lemon juice and olive oil. Pour it over the ingredients in the bowl and mix gently. Lettuce with beans and spelled is ready and can be eaten immediately. Good appetite!

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