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Roll without cooking

Roll without cooking

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Recipe Non-cooked roll of of 03-08-2015 [Updated on 11-07-2016]

The no-bake roll is another recipe from fresh and summery dessert to keep in mind if you don't want to turn on the oven but still want to prepare a quick and tasty dessert. To keep together the biscuits that will be the basis for our dessert, this time instead of using butter, I tried a recipe that suggested adding milk, despite the initial distrust, I must admit that it turned out to be an excellent idea, and also lighter than the classic cheesecake base. This roll, is added to the gallery of cold cakes without cooking that I proposed last week, and from which you can draw ideas to brighten up your summer in the kitchen;) Girls, I'll leave you, and I'm going to face these last days of work, the most last of the year because they are the ones that separate me from my desired holidays, a kiss and later: *


How to make the roll without cooking

Chop the cookies.

Then put them in a bowl with the cocoa, Nutella and mix.

Add the milk slowly and knead until you get a well-tied dough. Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for about 40 minutes.

Meanwhile, whip the cream with the icing sugar, then add the coconut flour and mix.

Now take the biscuit dough and roll it out between 2 sheets of cling film with a rolling pin, giving it a thickness of about 1 cm and a rectangular shape.

Spread the cream with a spatula.

Then roll up gently with the help of the film.

Wrap the roll with plastic wrap and put it in the freezer for 1 hour.

Then cut the two ends, sprinkle with grated coconut, decorate with sprigs of cream and serve.

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