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Shrimp and squid skewers

Shrimp and squid skewers

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Shrimp and squid skewers recipe of 27-12-2015 [Updated 09-03-2018]

These pink grapefruit shrimp and squid skewers are delicious. It's a nice and slightly different idea to prepare shrimp and squid instead of the classic frying. In fact, this year I forbade my mom to fry, we are always too many and frying is not the most comfortable thing to do, so I created alternatives for her and these skewers were a great solution. By now the Christmas chapter has closed, but let's not forget that in a few days we have to organize the New Year's Eve dinner;) therefore keep in mind the recipes that will follow in the coming days, I will give you some good ideas;) I wish you a sweet day and I leave you a basin: *


How to make shrimp and squid skewers

Wash the shrimp and squid well.

Clean the prawns, cut the squid into rings about 2 cm wide and start composing the skewers.
Insert a shrimp and a piece of squid, then add a grapefruit wedge.

Add another shrimp and another piece of squid. I closed my skewers with the calamari granfiette.

Continue like this for all the skewers, then sprinkle them with grapefruit juice and season with salt, oil and pink pepper.

Cook the skewers on a very hot grill, a couple of minutes per side.

Serve immediately.

Video: Grilled shrimp and calamari skewer (June 2022).


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