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Meatloaf with ricotta and ham

Meatloaf with ricotta and ham

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Meatloaf recipe with ricotta and ham from of 23-11-2013 [Updated on 01-06-2016]

The recipe for today's meatloaf includes the addition of ricotta to the meat mixture and is flavored with slices of sweet raw ham both inside and rolled into the meat. The meatloaf is soft and tasty and has a different taste from the classic one which includes the central filling, in short, I liked it a lot, try the recipe too. I take advantage of this post to thank those who were there yesterday at the presentation of the book, my friends first of all, few and irreplaceable who support me every day of my life, my dear friend victory that I have seen with emotion after 6 years and then to the readers of the blog, despite a torrential rain and a frightening cold, some girls managed to reach me to share this moment of joy with me. Especially on these occasions, I realize how many silent readers there are, people who do not leave messages, do not add me in their contacts on Facebook, but they are present and there are and they are the ones who stop you on the street to greet you or come by surprise to get a copy of the book signed and they know everything about me, and unfortunately I have little of them. To my silent readers I say my sincere thanks and send a warm greeting and if you like to leave me a message or send me an email I'll be happy;) I greet you and wish you a happy weekend, a kiss and see you later.


How to make meatloaf with ricotta

In a bowl put the minced meat with the bread previously softened in a little milk, the chopped parsley, half of the chopped raw ham, the grated parmesan, the ricotta, the egg, salt and pepper.

Mix the ingredients carefully until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and fill it with the mixture for the meatloaf.

cover all the meatloaf with paper like a packet, then bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees and cook for 40 minutes

Take the meatloaf again and wrap it in the slices of ham until it is completely covered

Return the meatloaf to the pan and bake again in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes.

Transfer the ricotta meatloaf onto a serving dish and serve it sliced ​​accompanied, to taste, with a salad or baked potatoes.

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