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Tropical cocktail

Tropical cocktail

Tropical Cocktail Recipe by of 01-08-2018 [Updated on 30-09-2018]

Who does not know the tropical cocktail raise your hand! This tropical drink it is probably a childhood memory for many of us, when it was fashionable to prepare it at home on the hottest days or in the presence of guests. Among the various non-alcoholic cocktails this is certainly the one most affordable for everyone, to be prepared with ingredients that are readily available and in a very short time, without considering that there are those who claim that milk and mint are good for you, in short for a express taste self-respecting! Since there is no alcohol presence we cannot call it tropical drink but we can also let the little ones taste it!

  • Doses for 1 glass :


How to make the tropical cocktail

Take the glass from the shaker, or a tall glass, and put some ice in it.
Pour in the milk and then the mint syrup.

Finally, put the barley syrup.
Screw the cap on and shake.
Pour into a glass.

Your tropical cocktail is ready to be served.

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