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Vegan cookies

Vegan cookies

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Vegan Cookies Recipe of of 21-01-2017 [Updated on 19-04-2017]

Vegan biscuits are delicious biscuits that are prepared in just 15 minutes and that do not contain fats and ingredients of animal origin of course :)
Brown sugar, almond milk and dark chocolate are the basic ingredients of the preparation in which it will only be necessary to mix them, then shape the dough and bake them in the oven.
Few steps, little time and a lot of taste. Whether you are vegan or not, my advice is to try these fabulous biscuits that despite having no butter or eggs, are really tasty and I am sure that once tasted, you will surely come back to do them again!


How to make vegan cookies

Start coarsely chopping the dark chocolate.
Transfer the chocolate to a bowl in which you have previously added the flour, yeast and brown sugar and stir.

Now add the oil and the almond milk.
Mix and compact the mixture obtained.

Shape into small balls and place them in a lined oven pan.
Bake the cookies at 180 ° C for 15 minutes.

Your cookies are ready to be enjoyed.

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