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Californian wrap

Californian wrap

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Californian Wrap Recipe of of 26-07-2019 [Updated on 26-07-2019]

The Californian wrap it's too nice an idea to serve a different sandwich than usual. The wraps are usually prepared with some kind of tortillas, similar to our wraps. Usually the filling includes chicken as the main ingredient, although there are always countless variations. As a first experiment I tried to get as close as possible to what should more or less be the original version. Anyway, even if it wasn't, I guarantee you it was really delicious, so I suggest you try it anyway;)


How to make the Californian wrap

Toast the bacon in a non-stick pan.
In the same pan, heat the piadina, on both sides.
Then sauté the chicken for kebabs in the pan.

Meanwhile, clean the vegetables and cut them into thin slices.

Then begin to assemble the first wrap: place a piadina on a plate, arrange the chicken in the center creating a strip from one end to the other, leaving about 1/3 of the flatbread free on each side.
Add onion, cucumber, tomato and finally avocado on top of the chicken, then sprinkle a little lime on the filling.

Roll the 2 free edges of the piadina over the filling and cut the roll in half.
Proceed in the same way with the second piadina.

Your Californian wrap is ready, serve it with sauces of your choice.

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