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Tagliatelle Alla Boscaiola

Tagliatelle Alla Boscaiola

Recipe Tagliatelle alla boscaiola di of 07-10-2007 [Updated on 02-06-2016]

Tagliatelle alla boscaiola are the dish that welcomes autumn to my home. The Boscaiola sauce it is a classic of Italian cuisine, which differs from region to region with or without the addition of various ingredients. Generally the mushrooms they are always present together with sausage and tomato sauce, then there are those who also add peas or bacon and there are those who add fresh cream to obtain a rosé sauce. There is no real one original recipe, and in fact what I propose is the recipe of my house, we prepare this dish using egg tagliatelle and adding fresh cream. As for mushrooms instead we usually use champignons, but even with porcini it's not bad at all;) This is also the main dish of my love, I don't know if I've ever told you, but when we met, between the two, it was he who knew how to cook and prepared one Pasta Alla Boscaiola not bad ;)


How to make Tagliatelle alla boscaiola

Finely chop the onion then sauté it in a large pan with the oil
Add the shelled and crumbled sausage and brown it for a few minutes.

Season with salt, deglaze with the white wine then add the sliced ​​mushrooms.

Let it all flavor and when the sausage and mushrooms are well cooked, add the tomato puree.
Reduce the sauce to the boscaiola
Finally, add the fresh cream and mix to make everything bind well

Meanwhile, cook the egg noodles, drain them al dente, pour them into the pan.

Add the grated Parmesan cheese and sauté for a minute.

Serve the tagliatelle alla boscaiola by adding fresh parsley on the plates.

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