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Rainbow cake

Rainbow cake

Preheat the oven
In a bowl, mix the flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt.
In another larger bowl, work the softened butter with sugar.
Then add the egg whites and vanilla essence until you get a cream.
Now add the flour and milk alternately in 2 or three times.Continue to mix until you get a fluid and homogeneous mixture

Divide the resulting mixture into 6 equal bowls and add a dye to each one in order to have the 6 colors.

Mix 6 different spoons

Take 2 molds of 24 cm (not hinged, I recommend), grease and flour and add the first two colors separately

Bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes then remove them from the mold and place them on parchment paper.

Grease the molds again and cook the other 2 colors and so on until all 6 are cooked, stacking them each time on top of each other, interspersed with layers of lightly buttered parchment paper. Then let them cool.

Let's now start preparing the cream cheese
Whip the cold cream from the fridge
Work the ricotta and philadelphia cheese with the icing sugar and vanilla essence
Once you have obtained a smooth cream, add the cream motata previously, incorporating it gently into the cream

Now let's take the first disc of cake, the Viola, place it on a plate (the one on which you will serve the cake)
Cover it with the cream cheese, then place the blue disc and cover this with the cream too
You place the green, cover it and so on ...

Then continue with the yellow color, then the orange and finally the red, alternating each time with a layer of cream.
Once finished, cover with a light layer of filling all over the cake, edges included and refrigerate to rest for at least 1 hour.

Take back the cake and glaze it with whipped cream or with a butter cream or with a frosting of your choice and sprinkle with coconut flour

Place balls of sugar paste along the entire edge of the cake, alternating the colors that recall the rainbow and trying to set them in the filling of the cake

Place the sugar paste letters on the surface

Now take the rainbow and plant it on the cake and place the clouds on its balls to give it stability.And here is the Rainbow Cake prepared for Elisa

Detail of the rainbow in sugar paste

Cut the cake into slices and serve your rainbow

Detail of the slice

and finally ... Elisa blowing out her first candle: °)

To make the rainbow in sugar paste:
At least 3 days in advance, prepare your decorations in pdz. To make the rainbow, prepare 6 pdz loaves of 6 colors purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red, the same colors that you will then use to make the cake discs and colored balls.
Work each dough into a cord that you will place on the base of a 24 cm hinged mold and that will have to cover half of the circle.
As you form the other cords and place them in an arc side by side, brushing them with a little water to tie them

Let it dry then with the white pdz form some white balls that you will insert with long toothpicks and will serve as a base for the rainbow. Then stick the balls with other toothpicks which will then be skewered into the cake

Prepare some stars that you are going to stick on the rainbow with a little water and finally brush everything with the polish.
Prepare other white poles linked to each other forming some kind of clouds. You will need these to place them behind the rainbow to give stability once placed on the cake.

Video: Rainbow Cake Recipe One Pan Recipe (December 2021).