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Cherry sorbet

Cherry sorbet

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Cherry sorbet recipe by of 29-07-2015 [Updated on 21-07-2017]

Cherry sorbet is a fresh, colorful and tasty dessert that you can easily make without an ice cream maker, in a short time you will get a refreshing and delicious dessert. With the cherry sorbet I conclude the recipes with this fantastic fruit, at least for this year and if you have never tried this taste, I suggest you make up for the gap;) For today that's really all, after cooking chili of vegetables and publishing the dolmades, the gallery with cold cakes and this recipe, I think I have made the en plein, now I just have to fix the chaos left in the kitchen ° _ ° Basins and tomorrow for a new culinary proposal.


How to make cherry sorbet

In a saucepan, mix the water and sugar over a low heat, until you get a syrup.

Pitted the cherries and put them in a blender, then blend them with 3/4 of sugar syrup and lemon juice.

Pass the smoothie obtained through a colander in order to remove the fruit peels.

Put the mixture in a low-sided container and put in the freezer.

Break the ice crystals that have formed every hour.

When the sorbet has set, prepare the Italian meringue.
Bring the sugar syrup you set aside to a boil.

Whip the egg white until stiff and pour the syrup slowly. Whip the egg white until the container is completely cold.

Then add the meringue obtained to the sorbet and mix.

Return to the freezer for another two hours.

Serve the cherry sorbet in the ice cream cups.

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