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Rice pasta with asparagus

Rice pasta with asparagus

Put the rice pasta in salted water and boil it according to the instructions on the package, then pass it through a stream of cold water and let it drain.

Onions are cleaned, washed and finely chopped.

Carrot it on a small grater.

Put a little oil in a pan or a frying pan, put onions. When the onion becomes translucent, add the carrot and let it harden.

The asparagus is washed, cleaned on the wood side, cut into smaller pieces and put in a little hot oil until it softens a little.

Mix everything and season to taste.

It can be served simply or with a sauce you like.

I served them with Dutch sauce.


16. Pancake with stove

This recipe makes a big, fluffy pancake. Do you know what that means? Just pour the dough, turn the switch and move away. It is much better than sitting on a hot stove and giving pancakes. Top it with fresh fruit, maple syrup and Greek yogurt.

17. Chocolate cake with stove

With no eggs or milk needed, this cake is suitable for vegans - and for all of us.

If you prefer to eat pastries than to prepare them, this recipe takes the cake. Ten ingredients (plus water) thrown in the rice cooker create this delicious chocolate cake.

Top it with your favorite icing with a powdered sugar powder or even a little walnut.

18. Spicy pears with pomegranate

Loaded with flavors like cardamom, cinnamon, and anise, these spicy pears make an elegant dessert for a holiday or potluck party.

Not only are they superbly prepared for Instagram (let them sit overnight in the poaching liquid to get a bright color), but you can make them ahead of time. You don't have to disappear in the middle of the party to look nervously in the pot.

How to eat konjac pasta correctly

Konjac pasta is made from the konjac plant, more precisely from the root of this plant, ground and made in various forms: spaghetti, noodles, fettucine and even rice.

Almost zero calories and zero carbohydrate content

Konjac pasta is low in carbohydrates and also has a very low calorie content.

They are made up mostly of water, a few grams of fiber and traces of protein and fat. Per 100g konjac pasta contains a negligible amount of calories and carbohydrates, being suitable for low-carb diet.

The advantages of konjac pasta

-since they are not made from cereal flour, konjac pasta is suitable for gluten-free and low-carb or keto diets.

-Konjac pastas are very low in calories, so they help reduce the total number of calories in the food in which they are added.

-promotes satiety for several hours, they are made of soluble fibers. They absorb water (it is important to consume them with enough water!) And increase their volume in the stomach, thus feeling full.

-prolong digestion time, thus contributing to the feeling of satiety.

-decreases carbohydrate absorption and improves glycemic response (reduces insulin spike)

-reduces the absorption of fats and proteins, this being useful only in case of excessive calorie intake.

Disadvantages of konjac pasta

-because they are made up mainly of fiber, they can cause minor abdominal discomfort, such as bloating, gas and less often diarrhea. In these cases it is recommended to reduce the portion.

-can reduce the bioavailability of oral medications. If certain medicines are used, it is recommended that they be taken 1-4 hours before or after a meal.

-constipation may occur if not consumed with enough water.

- do not contain nutrients, only fiber (glucomannan). The basis of the diet generally consists of nutritionally dense foods, such as eggs, vegetables, meat, greens, cheese, avocado, fish, berries, etc. Konjac pasta is an occasional treat, eaten with these foods.

Konjac pasta, depending on their shape, can be in the form of noodles, spaghetti, fettucine, penne or rice. According to their shape, you can best choose the recipes that best suit you.

In addition to pasta, there is also konjac powder or flour that can be used as a substitute for xanthan gum, as a thickening agent.

How to cook konjac pasta

Konjac pastes are found in a bag of liquid, which helps preserve them. This liquid may have a slightly strange odor when you open the bag. Don't worry, it will disappear after rinsing.

For most konjac pastas, the label suggests that they can be served immediately after rinsing, along with your favorite sauce. However, I personally consider that they are tastier when cooked with other foods, from which they will borrow the taste. Of course, this takes a little longer, but it is not necessary to choose a very complicated recipe.

1. break the bag and throw away the liquid in which the pasta is

2. Rinse very well with cold water

3. Boil for 2-3 minutes (optional)

4. Drain the water and cook according to the chosen recipe

What does konjac pasta taste like?

To enjoy konjac pasta, we need to have realistic expectations. The taste is not identical to that of ordinary pasta. It wouldn't even matter, because they're made from totally different foods, remember?

The advantage of konjac pasta is that it mimics ordinary pasta in shape. And the taste is largely influenced by the sauce and the ingredients with which we combine them.

Choose to combine them with a tasty sauce and they will turn out very well. This is all science.

And last but not least, I don't think you should worry about the calories in the sauce, because you've already saved about 350 kcal, just by replacing regular pasta with konjac.

Where to find konjac pasta

You can usually buy konjac pasta from the following places:

-from specialized stores (bio-naturist)

-online, at specialty stores.

Tested and preferred by me

  • Konjac Diet Food Pasta (fettuccine, spaghetti, rice, noodles) & # 8211 use Denisa7VIA code for discount
  • Better Than konjac pasta (spaghetti, rice, noodles)

Low-carb recipes with konjac pasta

Depending on the shape of the pasta, the recipes for the classic pasta sauces can be reproduced, with small modifications depending on your diet.

For inspiration, I recommend you take a look at the low-carb recipes on the site:

& # 8211Conjac rice with chicken breast and asparagus.

Konjac pasta helps you avoid wheat flour (which contains gluten and is rich in carbohydrates) and enjoy a portion of pasta with a tasty sauce.

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Cris A

Better than foods konjac pasta (noodles, spaghetti and rice) can be cooked directly, they do not have that smell specific to those that are packed in a water bag. Ever since I discovered them, I don't cook with the ones in the water. It no longer requires boiling before or cooking in the chosen sauce to get the taste. And the texture is completely different, just like normal pasta. The ones in the water don't go well in the puddings in the oven, they thin and harden, as if they were gummed.
They can be found at Mega Image stores with bio corners, at Farmacia Tei or online.

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Sophisticated: Green asparagus cream soup

Like radishes, spinach, leurda, onions and green garlic, the appearance of asparagus in stores is a sign of spring. Once you see it, you know very well that the chances of snow have died down and that Baba Dochia put her coats in the mothballs.

Because Mother Nature knows that we are bitter after winter and with the vitamin tank almost empty, she filled all the spring truffles with a lot of nutrients, so, although the craving for french fries is great, it would not be bad to put a little nail in it. this period and move our attention to the first vegetables.

As a not very learned people with the spring stem, asparagus is not so well received in our country, as in other western areas. But this does not mean that things have to stay that way, especially because whether it is white or green, asparagus is very easy to prepare, it goes great with eggs, rice, pasta, soups or caught in a soufflé.

Today we will not focus on complicated dishes. Quite the contrary. Because if you have a bunch of green asparagus in the fridge, put your blender to work and make a beautiful green soup.

If, however, you want to try your luck with other dishes that contain the arrow-shaped stem, you can try: Green asparagus with "sunny" eggs, Risotto with green asparagus or creamy Orzo with spinach and green asparagus.


Ingredients for 2 people:

* 1 bunch of green asparagus

* 2 tablespoons sour cream

* salt, pepper & lemon juice to taste

* a little grated Parmesan cheese, if you have it on hand (if you don't have it, it works without it)

1. Break the dry or sticky asparagus, bending the stem slightly. This way you will make sure that you only work with the young stem

2. Chop the garlic finely and cut the potato and asparagus into cubes

3. Melt the butter in a saucepan, then sauté all the vegetables (garlic, asparagus and potato) together, then add enough water to cover the vegetables. If you want a richer taste, you can use strained vegetable soup instead of tap water, or add a cube of vegetables

4.When the vegetables are cooked (after about 10 minutes), turn off the heat and with a vertical blender turn the soup into cream

5.To make sure that your soup will be fine and good, pass all the liquid through a fine sieve, in another saucepan

6. Keeping the heat off, season the soup with salt, pepper and cream to taste, and then add a few drops of lemon juice.

Serve the soup in bowls with a little grated Parmesan on top and eat it with toast

Serving recommendations for hot salad with asparagus, rice and shrimp at Thermomix

Serve with a glass of white wine next to it.

Brilliant recipe.
Especially the sauce !!

I had fresh shrimp and made the soup from their heads which I used when I boiled the rice in the sauce as well.

Also, for my taste, the shrimp were too boiled at this time. Next time reduce the sauce time by 5 minutes.

Number of servings, there were 2 (and a little) for some gourmets :)))
I served the salad as the only main course!

So if more portions are needed, the quantities should probably be increased.

I can't wait to have guests at the table and include this salad in the menu.

The pasta recipe with salmon and asparagus is an excellent dish for those who love pasta and fish. It is a refreshing dish, but also healthy, both for adults and children. It is also very easy and quick to prepare, and the ingredients needed for it are available to each of us as a price.

Ingredients for pasta with salmon and asparagus:

100 grams of penne pasta
1 row of 110 gram salmon
a few pieces of asparagus
peel half a lemon
the juice of a small lemon
2 tablespoons sour cream
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
25 grams of grated Parmesan cheese
1 bunch of parsley / basil leaves

6 steps to prepare a portion of pasta with salmon and asparagus:

1. Boil the 100 grams of pasta penne in boiling salted water for 11 minutes (or according to the instructions on the package).

2. While the pasta is cooking, season the salmon and put it together with the asparagus in a steamer (steamer) for 8 minutes, until the salmon becomes tender and pale pink. If you don't have a steamer, you can put them in a steaming pot.

3. While everything is cooking, put 1/2 lemon peel on the grater and squeeze the juice.

4. Measure 2 tablespoons sour cream and 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil, balancing the combination with a little butter and the amount of parmesan. We also finely chop the parsley.

5. When the pasta is ready, drain the water and mix in a bowl with the lemon peel, lemon juice, cream, oil, butter and Parmesan, seasoning to taste with salt and pepper. We are going to add the chopped parsley.

6. Remove the asparagus from the steamer, mix with the pasta, forming a bed of vegetables and pasta, over which the salmon fillet is placed.

Tips for preparing salmon pasta:

As a presentation method for guests, you can serve the salmon on a bed of pasta with asparagus, but when it comes to children, you can grind the salmon first, then mix it with the pasta.

For several servings, you can double or triple the amount of ingredients.

Asparagus recipes

Here you will find asparagus recipes, ideal if you want to cook something healthy for family or children. Prepare the best asparagus dishes, according to Qbebe recipes!

Food type +

  • Aperitifs (247)
  • Drinks (60)
  • Soups (61)
  • Desserts (362)
  • Dishes (678)
  • Seals (75)
  • Masonry and bricklaying (12)
  • Salads (195)
  • Sauces (66)
  • Soups (121)
  • Bread (18)
  • Mamaliga (6)
  • Finger Food (413)

Method of preparation +

After season +

The main ingredient -

  • Meat (469)
  • Fruit (374)
  • Dairy products (500)
  • Vegetables (942)
    • Cabbage (29)
    • Rice (76)
    • Beans (43)
    • Eggplant (28)
    • Spinach (52)
    • Zucchini (61)
    • Cauliflower (24)
    • Soybeans (7)
    • Tomatoes (151)
    • Broccoli (42)
    • Peas (34)
    • Lenses (8)
    • Pumpkin (19)
    • Beetroot (17)
    • Nettles (4)
    • Mushrooms (78)
    • Pastai (0)
    • Ginger (11)
    • Telina (26)
    • Potatoes (210)
    • Asparagus (11)
    • Leek (10)
    • Carrots (139)
    • Pastarnac (30)
    • Olives (37)
    • Onions (157)
    • Peppers (100)
    • Cucumbers (50)
    • Green salad (24)
    • Lifts (10)
    • Garlic (80)
    • Rocket (17)
    • Corn (28)
    • Naut (9)
    • Gulii (2)
    • Fennel (5)

    Preparation time +

    By origin +

    • Romanesti (113)
    • Italian (168)
    • Greek (19)
    • American (39)
    • Bulgaria (2)
    • French (26)
    • Chinese (19)
    • Indian (22)
    • Turkish (17)
    • Mexican (12)
    • Spanish (8)
    • Hungarian (2)

    After the occasion +

    After meal time +

    Other features +

    This salad variant contains ingredients that your body will love (such as cabbage, spinach, carrots, turmeric, avocado.

    As we know, the liver is the main organ responsible for detoxifying the body. Being & icircnsă so & acirct to request (food.

    Asparagus and potato cream soup is ideal for diversifying the baby's diet, but also for a delicious family meal.

    In most cases, the family dinner must be prepared quickly. And a responsible mother must find the perfect formula.

    Toast is a great option for breakfast. If you are tired of serving it with the same boring combinations.

    Summer salads are that simple mix of tastes and textures. They hide few calories, are full and ideal for hot summer days.

    Asparagus tart is specific to French cuisine and is a delicious and interesting way to introduce in the family diet.

    Pasta with chicken and baked asparagus are easy to prepare and very tasty due to the special taste of asparagus. You can choose.

    Grilled vegetable salad with pasta is wonderful for anyone, being very healthy but also very easy to prepare.

    For a long time, I decided to include asparagus in my little girl's diet, but every time she kind of gave me back the price.

    Salmon and asparagus salad is a dish rich in nutrients and low in calories, which is why any woman.

    Yes, I know I look like a great risotto specialist now, but all you see here is a lot of enthusiasm. I mean, the first risotto I've ever made.

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    With a taste of sun, sea and long life: Cake with.

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    Rice pasta with peas and salmon

    Cut the green onion into small pieces and fry in a little oil.

    Add the smoked salmon strips and fry a little together.

    Then add the pasta together with the peas,

    dill, salmon caviar and soy sauce and keep on the fire for about 2-3 minutes.

    Also for the Sweet Romania challenge in February, I proposed a recipe with Chinese influences.

    What do you think about this recipe? Leave us a comment to tell us how it turned out or if you need additional guidance.

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